About S.I. Sensei

About the What

We are highly experienced experts, who successfully manage global implementations of all sizes.

What is S.I. Sensei

Sensei is a Japanese word made up of two kanji, “SEN” meaning ahead or preceding and “SEI” meaning birth or life. Put together they mean “One who is ahead of you in life”

A Sensei is a seasoned teacher who is regarded as a role model in all aspects of life. In business and industry, Sensei refers to an outside, third-party expert who advises and consults with those who want and need assistance.

S.I. Sensei is also known as the “System Integrator Sensei”, we are highly experienced experts, who successfully manage global Strategic Programs, Business Transformational Projects and Application System implementations of all sizes. We have extensive program, change and quality management skills with leadership experience to deliver Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Learning Management (LMS) and Customer Data Integration (CDI) application system solutions.

About the Who

Who is S.I. Sensei

Ed Swetavage
Founder and Managing Partner

Although I am a System Integrator veteran, I really consider myself a business person. I have spent my entire career working closely with business professionals at all levels to understand their motivators, pain-points, daily processes and workflow models within the entire company from Sales to Support and everything in between.

I am the eternal optimist and have a strong passion to find the right opportunities to implement technology solutions to reduce cost, increase productivity / revenue and transform your business so you can achieve the best possible results for your company and your customers.

With decades of experience “one who is ahead of you in life”, I want to make a big difference in everything I can do for you and create a positive impact with your system integration programs. Most importantly, I am blessed with the critical relationship building skills to make you and your program successful by ensuring cross-functional team collaboration, driving high levels of user adoption and obtaining strong executive support.

With more than 30+ years of direct hands-on experience successfully completing over 100+ programs in 25+ Silicon Valley companies in 7+ vertical markets, I found the one key critical success factor required for your program is complete preparation or what I like to call is “Readiness”.

Based on many years of lessons learned with all these programs, I developed the System Integrator’s “Readiness Framework” it is a roadmap that drives success in three of the most critical areas of your program:

  • Program Readiness – How to “Govern” and “Mange” the program and project team
  • Business Readiness – How to “Prepare” the business and your customers for the change
  • Application Readiness – How to “Deliver” a quality solution & provide the necessary support

The S.I. Sensei team would love the opportunity to understand how we can assist you with your system integration programs and earn the privilege to make you and your company successful.