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To be honest, although these are high technology projects, the majority of the real impacting project issues do NOT emerge from technology. Based on my experience the “fact-patterns” show there are three primary themes.

Poor Scope Management causing overspending budgets, project schedule slippage, and delivering poor quality results. Any one of these by themselves is a project killer let along having all three.

Limited or lack of Stakeholder Alignment leading to noncommittal business participants (“I have a day job and no time to do this too”), disagreement on expected goals / strategies and poor system adoption.

Lack of basic Project Fundamentals like not clearly defining a common project goal that is understood by all, not knowing each team member roles / responsibilities leading to confusion and duplicate work effort , wasted time and poor relationship management leading to personal agendas and disassembling the your core of success – teamwork. I like to call these project fundamentals GOAL, ROLES and RELATIONSHIPS.

Ensure you define and execute “Readiness” in three major areas of our project:

Program Readiness: Execute a strong program governance model that fits the culture of your company, can’t be too heavy (people will question the value you provide), but can’t be too light (without a proper structure you can’t get decisions made by the proper people).

Business Readiness: Execute an effective business alignment / engagement and change management model that drives commitment / accountability and advocacy for the solution from all your company organizations, this will minimize user adoption issues.

Application Readiness: Drive for the highest quality results your team can achieve within the given program constraints and ensure the production cutover does not cause significant disruption to business operations and the users. After go-live have in place all the necessary trained support staff to ensure the users can do their job (hopefully better, cheaper and faster than before).

We Have Lots of Experience: Our tag line is “Black Belt System Integrators”. We have decades of direct hands on experience implementing complex global business transformational solutions for thousands of diverse internal and external user communities. We step up to the big, ugly, high risk project everyone else would think is just too daunting to ever see success. We also have lots of medium to small project experience and can dial-it-down to streamline a successful implementation of a smaller scale.

We Know How to Ensure Success: With decades of experience; we learned something new along the journey of each and every project. We have developed proven methods, techniques, tools and program accelerators to keep your project out of the ditch and ensure predictable quality results. Because we have walked down this path many times and we have all the necessary tools, we can easily anticipate potential issues before they happen and cause epic project failure.

It’s all about the Relationships: First, we use our active listening skills and seek to understand. We have the seasoned mature personalities and intrapersonal skills to create the right “chemistry” for the project team members. The “HOW” is even more important than the “WHAT” when it comes to motivating and incenting the program team to perform at their highest possible levels to produce nothing short of excellence.


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