S.I. Sensei Consulting Services

What We Offer Our Clients


Program Readiness

“People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.”

  • Projects that require the triangulation of People, Process and Technology (System Integrations) have innate complications and challenges that require an experienced expert to ensure successfully outcomes.
  • We successfully manage all the required Program Activities, Resources, Budget, Risks and Issues to properly govern and effectively manage the project to the stated goals and objectives within the approved schedule. On-time, within Budget with High Quality and Adoption.
  • We ensure clear, concise and frequent communications to the Program Team to avoid communication gaps leading to confusion and frustration.
  • We ensure the program leadership does not act and be perceived as an administrative bureaucracy. The management approach is “just enough” and can be dialed up or down based on the project size and scope.

Program Readiness Service Portfolio

  • People and Program – We create a Governance Structure for the executive’s stakeholders / sponsors to facilitate informed decision making and drive organizational support for the project. We create a Project Operating Model for the program team members, vendors and consultants to seamlessly execute their clearly defined assigned work activities so there is no duplication of effort and potential conflicts.
  • Quality and Deliverables – We create scheduled phase gate checkpoints to review all key work products and ensure the status of the planned deliverables have been completed so the team is ready to proceed to the next phase of the project.
  • Risk and Issues – We address and mitigate any potential risks and critical issues which impact the program schedule, scope, budget and/or quality of the delivery.
  • Program Finances – We manage the program budget, vendor invoicing, purchasing and procurement processes along with coordinating with your Finance team. With a strong Change Control Management process and continued monitoring of the project finances, there are no budgetary surprises.


Business Readiness

“Understanding the people and taking a business perspective is key to your deployment & adoption success.”

  • We successfully manage all the required People activities and behaviors to properly prepare the business for the program from start to finish.
  • We drive the creation of a Business Readiness (BR) Network consisting of global geographic representatives who act as an extension to the project team to provide localized feedback and support.
  • We focus on all the “soft-skills” required by the project to ensure the impacted parties have what they need to be onboard and ready for the project journey.

Business Readiness Service Portfolio

  • Business Alignment – We ensure all those who are involved with the project, are committed to the changes and willing to adapt to them. This includes your most senior leaders to the folks who execute the daily business processes.
  • Impact Analysis and Planning – We determine who will be affected by the changes created from the project and how these changes will impact what they do in their daily work. Understanding the change and the audience is the first step to driving global system adoption.
  • Program Awareness – We ensure the entire project team especially the change impacted groups, are aware of the project objectives and benefits. We also ensure they have the necessary information to move forward with the work they do in the most efficient way.
  • Capabilities and Competency Training – We ensure the impacted groups are properly trained to successfully make the change and will be effective in their jobs after the project is complete. Depending on the audience, there are various training delivery models (Instructor-Led, Vignettes, Webinar, Quick Reference Materials…).


Application Readiness

“The success of your project is determined by how well you delivered what was asked and the quality of the result.”

  • We manage and establish consistent quality measurements (exit criteria) that must be met before the quality assurance team can move to the next testing phase. This ensures minimal defects moving into the production cutover.
  • We successfully manage all the required logistical and technical activities to properly implement the solution from the test environments into the target production environment.
  • For Launch Support, we setup a “War-Room” during the Hyper-Care Period right after the solution goes into production to ensure the users get the proper assistance they need to answer process questions, resolve data issues and fix identified software defects.

Application Readiness Service Portfolio

  • Quality Assurance – We ensure the final testing results match the requirements through the all phases of testing. This includes Development Integration Testing, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing phases.
  • Application Deployment – We ensure the Cutover from the testing environment to the final production environment is performed with high quality and within the planned downtime window. This is the culmination of many months / years of effort to get to this point…the ball cannot be dropped here.
  • Launch Support – Ensure the required resources and assets are in place to provide the necessary support for the user communication after the solution has gone live into production.


S.I. Sensei Excellence

“I hear and I forget… I see and I remember… I do and I understand…”

  • Successfully leverage S.I. Sensei deep knowledge and experiences to optimize your team’s very best outcomes.
  • S.I. Sensei Excellence is a training opportunity that applies three different knowledge domains to share years of system integration project implementation experience you can directly use for your specific programs and projects.

S.I. Sensei Excellence Service Portfolio

  • Lessons Learned– Avoid the common and not so common pitfalls inherent to every system integration project. Keep yourself and your project team on track by having the preemptive knowledge gained from years of experience to ensure success.
  • Best Practices – Learn the best methods and techniques to streamline your project in all three Readiness areas (Program, Business & Application). We will demonstrate the use of custom developed tools, templates and program accelerators. Save both time and money.
  • Tips and Tricks – Apply the small but important coaching pointers to help you improve your existing system integration techniques and practices.